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We sell a wide variety of parts and accessories which we are able to do because of a well cultivated relationship with an International supplier. Some of these parts would otherwise be very difficult to source as suppliers prefer to trade with larger organisations rather than individuals. 

All parts can be couriered on request, cost to be determined at time of ordering. 

We can also fit parts and accessories that we stock, just ask one of our friendly team who can help you moving forward.


If there is a product you require which is not on the website, just drop us an email or pick up the phone and we will endeavor to source for you.

LED Awning Light


A sleek, well designed waterproof surface mounted external light is easily fixed to the outside of any caravan or motorhome with two screws. The Awning Light’s low wattage consumption also makes this light fitting ideal as a security light as it can be left on overnight or while occupants are away from their caravan or motorhome. This effective awning light is also available in halogen only or in halogen and LED combination.
The incredibly bright LEDs used in this awning light offer the benefits of an extremely long life combined with low power consumption. LEDs provide a vibration resistant, durable light source and the efficient design results in safe, cool to the touch surfaces. An ideal awning light for most leisure vehicles, including caravans and motorhomes.