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We sell a wide variety of parts and accessories which we are able to do because of a well cultivated relationship with an International supplier. Some of these parts would otherwise be very difficult to source as suppliers prefer to trade with larger organisations rather than individuals. 

All parts can be couriered on request, cost to be determined at time of ordering. 

We can also fit parts and accessories that we stock, just ask one of our friendly team who can help you moving forward.


If there is a product you require which is not on the website, just drop us an email or pick up the phone and we will endeavor to source for you.

DVSR Digital Voltage Sensor 12-24V


The dual sense VSR supersedes the single sensed unit by allowing the voltage of both battery banks to be monitored. If either battery bank is receiving a charge the VSR will parallel the two battery banks. The dual sense unit is designed for situations where a 230V battery charger or second carging source is used into the house battery bank.