Parts, Sales and Service

We sell a wide variety of parts which we are able to do because of a well cultivated relationship with an International supplier.
Some of these parts would otherwise be very difficult to source by individuals, as suppliers prefer to trade with larger organisations.

Motorhome and Caravan General Maintenance Services

We’ve been providing our extensive range of services from our Canterbury location for more than twenty years and we’re still growing! We’ve recently re-launched the business from a new location, and we’re proud to offer the following cleaning and general maintenance services.

Maintenance Service Cleaning Options:

  • Full Outside Wash
  • Full Interior and Exterior Valet
  • Full External Cut and Polish

General Maintenance Services:

  1. Change motorhome and caravan engine oil
  2. Engine oil filter check and replacement
  3. Air filter check and replacement

  4. Check brake fluid level / fill as needed
  5. Check clutch fluid level / fill as needed
  6. Check radiator fluid level / fill as needed
  7. Check power steering fluid / fill as needed

  8. Visual check of radiator
  9. Visual check of cooling systems
  10. Visual check of fan/vee belt
  11. Visual check of air filter
  12. Visual inspection of exhaust system
  13. Visual inspection of steering rack

  14. Wiper blades check and replacement
  15. Windscreen chip and crack checking and repairs
  16. Windscreen washer fluid check/refill
  17. Seat Belt Checks as well as repair or replacement
  18. Tyre pressure checks and adjustment
  19. Tyre condition checks and replacement if required
  20. Indicator and brake light checks, repair and replacement
  21. Number plate and reverse lights checks, repair and replacement
  22. Headlight checks, repair and replacement