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The Design Coach & Body Company Ltd

The Design Coach & Body Company ltd was founded in 1995 by John Thomson. It is the parent company of The Motorhome Shop and Motorhome Panel, Paint & Repair. Here, we have a talented team of trained motor body builders, designers, joiner/cabinet makers, sheet metal workers, electricians, spray painters and panel beaters. We provide a complete range of services for motorhomes, right from custom designing, modifications, building, insurance/private valuations to furnishing of a wide-range of small and large vehicles.
Interior of a Motorhome
Offering far more than just motorhomes, our team is highly experienced with:
  • Caravans
  • Ambulances
  • Police dog wagons
  • Prison wagons
  • Mobile libraries
  • Horse floats and trucks
  • Buses
  • Custom-built four wheel drive vehicles
  • Race car trailers
  • Certified structural work/seatbelts
  • Electrical pre-wiring
  • Rust repairs
Through our panel, paint and repair division, we also offer repair, maintenance & paint work for commercial and private clients including campervan and bus companies.  

Complete Range of Motorhome Products & Services in Hornby, Christchurch

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